How can I stop Write from truncating captioned images?

Writer has a very frustrating bug whereby I insert an image and add a caption. This automatically puts the image and caption in a frame. I then continue to edit the document, perhaps adding or removing text above the image which moves its position (no wrap). When an image moves it frequently becomes truncated with the little red ‘more content arrow’. The frame itself doesn’t straddle my page break and the whole frame appears to be visible but with more than half of it (including the caption) just white.

Sometimes if I resize the frame I can get the content back but mostly it ignores the resize and squashes the image into a smaller space (effectively rescaling it vertically). I have wasted a huge amount of time trying to get my images and captions back and it is usually quicker to reimport my image and retype the caption. This is very frustrating.

Is there any way I can stop LibrOffice Writer doing this? Can I turn this behaviour off - I’d rather the image-frames hung over the bottom of a page in tact and I move them manually than the current behaviour. It would be less work than what I have to do currently. There doesn’t seem to be any workable, consistent solution in the forums I have seen, though I know other people have had this same problem.

I am using LO 6.4 and saving my documents as ODT - is this bug fixed in version 7 maybe?

Not very clear description of the problem. It looks like it happens after an edit which has moved the frame closer to a page limit.

In the frame properties Type tab, tick the Keep inside text boundaries box (maybe labelled Follow text flow in older versions).

This attribute usually takes care of frame too close to page limit at the cost of an early page break.

If your document is fully styles, notably frames with frame styles, just modify the frame style to make the change active on all so-styled frames.

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I am using the most up to date stable version (6.4 - updated from 6.3 because of this problem today) and the option is listed as Follow text flow in the frames/boxes automatically inserted when I add a caption to an image but when adding an image (no caption) or frame manually it is listed as Keep inside text boundaries (which is why I didn’t spot it at first). Just setting this option did not fix the solution initially on images that had at some time had a red arrow (even if I had managed to get rid of it). I had to re-insert the images and captions afresh (yet again) and then set Follow text flow immediately. Any other sequence was a fail.