How can I sum a column or row of numbers in Calc

I’ve downloaded the “Math Guide version 4.4” so I could learn how to add columns and rows as in this
Excel example “@sum(B10:B32)”.
Unfortunately, the guide reads like Greek and I can’t read Greek.
Is there a simpler version?

The Math Guide is for the Math Formula editor, which is different from a Calc spreadsheet. The appropriate document is the Calc Guide. See also Getting Started.

However, I looked through these documents, and they do not give a simple answer to your question. Instead of such packaged guides, I normally do a Google search. In this case, the online help is useful.

Here is a simple example.

  1. In cells A1 and B1, enter 40 and 2 respectively.
  2. Select A1 and B1 and press the Sum toolbar icon. Or, in cell C1, enter =SUM(A1:B1).

EDIT: Updated sum icon link—now allows selection of different functions.

What does the Sum toolbar icon look like?

the Icon for SUM doesn’t exist on my 2 tool bars

It’s part of the main formula bar. Perhaps you unchecked View → Formula Bar.