How can I suppress printing of a blank line (e.g., Address2) on mailing labels?

Some addresses have only one address field and other addresses have two. How can I avoid having a blank line on the labels with only one address field?

Following the Address2 field insert a “hidden paragraph” field.

From the menu — Insert / Fields / More fields … under the Functions tab select Hidden Paragraph and enter a condition such as (without the quotes) “![DB name.query.address2]”
The ! specifies that when the designated field is empty, suppress the print.

Tip: it is not necessary to type all this.

  • Display the Data sources window,
  • Click on the header of the field concerned, and drag drop to the “Condition” box.
  • Type ! At the beginning of the field.


This doesn’t seem to work. If I use Hidden Paragraph, then the entire label (paragraph) doesn’t get printed if Address2 is blank. So I tried Hidden Text, but it requires a Hidden Text field, and no matter what I put in there that doesn’t seem to work either.

Hi @opelman1 - Hidden Paragraph only hides the current paragraph. You probably used the “Labels” wizard to insert your fields. In this case the wizard inserts line breaks. Replaces them with real paragraphs…


Thanks @pierre-yves-samyn, it worked!

Thanks very much for this tip. I had in the past (pre- Libre Office) managed to suppress address lines with conditions on Sections, but that stopped working a couple of years ago. Hidden Paragraphs works perfectly.

Brackets not required if there are NO spaces in either the database, sheet or field name. However, if there are spaces then brackets must enclose that particular element individually e.g. ! [data base].Sheet1.[last name]