How can I un-protect a password-protected file?

How can I un-protect a password-protected XLSX file in LibreOffice Calc?
After I installed the latest update ( x64), I can no longer remove the protection from a password-protected file.
This worked fine until now.
Here are some more details. Until now, this is how I would un-protect a file (in Cal or Writer):
Go to: Menu → File → Save As. In the “Save As” window, uncheck the “Save with password” box, then click [Save].
As I’ve said, this doesn’t work anymore.
Another issue I’ve noticed, is that the “Save with password” box is unchecked for password-protected files. Before, this box was unchecked only for un-protected files.

If you mean that you can’t save a password protected file without password protection after having successfully opened it, I think there was a bug for that. If you meant something else please explain.

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There seems to be a bug in the 7.0.1 and 7.1 version which does not allow to save a protected file as un-protected anymore.

The issue / bug report can be found here:

You can add your interest (and your LO version if it differs) to push it forward.

Hope that helps.

Thank you!
Yes, I have exactly the same bug as described in your link:
How can I find out when the bug has been fixed?

When fixed there will appear a commit notification as bug comment and the Whiteboard field will contain one or more target versions.