How Can I Un-Register a Data Source?

Running Libre Office under Windows 10.

I have been experimenting with printing labels. I am following the helpful step-by-step advice at, using Writer and taking data stored in a Calc spreadsheet.

I have certainly been successful in printing labels, but each time I have been through the process I seem to have generated a new linkage of some kind; I see a large and increasing number of ‘Address Book Sources’ all with slightly different names.

This is not at all what I intended, and I am sure it is unnecessary. It seems quite likely that I have followed the steps slavishly without fully understanding what I am doing, and I would like to ‘clean up’ my PC and start again. I am guessing that these ‘Address Book Sources’ do not exist as separate files, they are merely linkages recorded internally somewhere in Libre Office. How do I get rid of previously created linkages, but of course without deleting my spreadsheet data?


This FAQ explains the registration and the “hidden” creation of the odb files.

To (Un)register: ToolsOptionsLibreOffice BaseDatabase

You can delete unused odb because they only contain the spreadsheet connection settings. Note: This is only true if you do not open these databases in order to create queries, forms or reports.


I may even have answered my own question! While poking around, I discovered a few *.odb files created recently in C:Users>John>Documents which contain the same data that is in my original spreadsheet. (The spreadsheet is held on my D Drive and Libre Office runs from my F Drive).

So the ‘address book sources’ do, after all, seem to exist as separate files; although I did not consciously use Base (just Writer and Calc), it seems that it is invoked automatically when the Address Data Source Wizard runs.

Nevertheless, I do not intend to delete these *.odb files until somebody here assures me it’s safe!