How can I un zip Libre files that have been loaded from HP to Mac ?

I folded in and bought a Mac. the files, word and excel types were transferred from an HP Pavillion to the MacBook.
they have come over as ZIP’d and nothing on the Mac sorts them out. Does anyone have an idea. I’ve tried some apps but they don’t work either.

Word and Excel files are not LibreOffice files. So, ask in a forum related either to Microsoft Office or to MacOS.

Gabon, thank you but if you read the question it says libre files and as it is an alternative to Microsoft office and does word and excel …

According to Apple zip + unzip functions are built-in to the OS. However, Office & LibreOffice are not. Therefore, the most likely reason for you thinking that “word and excel type” files are zipped is because, in their native form, they are indeed compressed as to save space. However, there is zero point in unzipping them. What you need is to install LibreOffice so that it can open them.