How can I unframe text?

Using Writer Version: (x64)

How can I unframe text, similarly to Microsoft Word’s “Remove Frame” function?

I found a comment in this forum that said to select the text, delete the frame, and then paste the text.
Is there a one-click function to do that?

If it’s a real frame created with Insert → Frame → Frame, just select it (click on its border so you can see the frame handlers), cut and paste special (Ctrl Shift V) → RTF rich text.

If you have a text box instead created with the drawing tools, sorry, you need to enter the text box, select the text, delete the box and paste the text.

That works. It takes several clicks, but that’s not much of a nuisance, unless there are many frames to unframe.
(I produced a “.doc” file by running a PDF through ABBY FineReader, version 11. That produced a “.doc” file of three dozen frames – a nuisance, but manageable.)