How can I use emoticons (or emoji)

Are there emotions available when using libre office writer and if there are how do you access them?

Maybe is this what you are looking for:

Emoji and in-word replacement support. Release Notes 5.0

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There are several ways I believe. Those two are from Hagar Delest on the old forum:

Method 1: use the AutoText feature:

  • Make a .png of your smiley (I assume you know how to do that) and save it on your HD
  • Open a Writer document
  • Insert that pic (not linked) and anchor it As character (and not To Character) and resize it so it fits your usual font size
  • Select it as text (you should not see the green grips), highlighting it
  • Edit>AutoText, then give a name and a shortcut, then AutoText>New and close the dialog

To insert the smiley in your text, type the shortcut and hit the F3 key. Do the same for all your smilies.

Method 2: use the Gallery feature:
Put all your smilies as graphic files in a folder, import that folder in a Gallery theme. Drag’n drop them from the Gallery (menu Tools>Gallery).

If you don’t want pictures and your are happy with basic smiles you can use any graphic font like Open Symbol.

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