How can Index of Names be generated with search terms in Firstname Lastname sequence and shown in index in Lastname Firstname order?

Does LibreOffice does support this via concordance file?

If YES then how?

Your question is a bit terse and the description nonexistent. You should edit the description to improve it.

This is how I understand it:

  • in text, you have the sequence Fist Last
  • in the index, you want Last First (alphabetically ordered on Last)

This can be done by altering the default index key. It is easier when inserting the key but can be done afterwards.

When inserting an index entry, enter “Last First” in Entry box.

Editing an entry needs enabling of View>Field Shadings so that you can see where the index entries are located: a gray background highlights the entries. Right-click on the background and Index Entry. Modify the Entry box. Note that if spellcheck flags the entry with its red wavy underline, spelling takes precedence and you won’t be able to edit the index entry. So fix spelling first.

After the changes, update the alphabetical index.

EDIT: concordance file

This can also be done with a concordance file.

I assume you know how to create or edit a concordance file in Writer. When the concordance file edit dialog is open, enter “First Last” in Search term column and “Last First” in Alternative entry.

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Does LibreOffice support this via concordance file?

If YES then how?

Thank you. Works well.

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