How can one copy a record in the table gui of Base ?

In Base, the table gui, how can I add a record which is a copy of an existing record (basically copy record to the end) ?

I’m looking for a replacement for MS-Access as a front-end to a Postgres table. The MS-Access table gui can do this (^C & ^V). I googled around and it appears someone hacked together a macro that can do this, probably through a form, clicking a button. We’d prefer not to use forms or click buttons. Right-clicking for copy/paste, or ^C & ^V, something like that, is very much preferred.

We are running version of LibreOffice on linux. If a more recent version has this, I can request an upgrade.

Thanks !


Unfortunately there is no method for that even in the current 7.x versions. This is why a macro was created.

About all you can do is to drag & drop a record within the same table. Copy is shown but cannot actually paste anywhere.

Sorry to hear that.
Is there a “wishlist” somewhere for this :slight_smile:
I was impressed with everything else I saw. But I’m afraid this is kind of a showstopper.


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