How can one select multiple non-contiguous rows in the same Mac/Sierra spreadsheet/table?

Just starting using spreadsheets. I’m trying to make this multiple non-contiguous row selection using a command key followed by the Copy command, but I’m unable to paste these multiple rows into a new blank LibreOffice spreadsheet.; only the fist two rows are pasted and Paste Special also doesn’t seem to help. Thanks for any suggestions!

  • Hold the Cmd key while clicking/dragging in the row headers (to select multiple non-contiguous rows).
  • Copy (Cmd+C so that the information pass to the clipboard).
  • Paste it (Cmd+V).

If you do not want to select complete rows, take care to select the cells from the same columns in each row; only one range by row, e.g. A1:D2, A8:D8.