How can one "unlock" a document to be edited and read?

On 2 occasions recently, I’ve spent the day writing detailed documents only to have them disappear, then turn up on my list as “locked”, supposedly by me. How can I “unlock” them - and avoid having them locked in future? They seem to be nowhere I can access and I am about ready to chew on iron over this. Thank you. Shari Carter

  1. What “list” do these files appear on (as locked)?

  2. What happens exactly when you try to open them from this list?

  3. Is a password asked for? (If you didn’t set a password in the beginning, try just hitting Enter.)

  4. Which version of LO are you using and what is your operating system?

Further to # ! above, if the “list” where your locked documents appear is the opening screen of LO with an icon for each of your documents, let your cursor hover over one of the icons. A pop-up will appear briefly giving the path to the location of your document. That will tell you at least where it is stored.

Questions 2, 3, and 4 still stand.

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What is LO?
How can I unlock a document to be edited?

Hi. This is not an answer. Best if you ask your own question but you could look at question 267726