How can synk my libberoffice cross several instalations

Is it possible to have the same configuration, settings cross several instalations of liber office ?


as far as I understand the document about User Profile correctly, this is not possible.

Section Reusing user profiles states:

A single user profile must only ever be accessed by a single LibreOffice process. Internally, if a single user starts multiple LibreOffice processes that would all access the same user profile, only the first process does any actual work, like opening documents for editing, and the excess processes pass on their command line arguments to the first one for processing. Especially, one must not reuse a single user profile across multiple accounts on one computer, or across computers.

What about cross several machines ? copyng the settings !?, and of course what the files I must copy ?

Please read the the bold face sentence once more “…or accross computers”. Thus it is clear for me, that this is not a supported procedure and the User Profile (=whole configuration) is everything (=all files) in the directories mentioned in the document I’ve linked to in the answer.