How can we create the OLE objects icon in LibreOffice

  1. Create a Text document in LibreOffice.
  2. Want to attach OLE objects in Document.
  3. OLE object should create icon like MS Office document which displays Icon of Objects.

Well, I am not sure it is a good idea to state “OLE object should create icon like MS Office …” [emphasis mine] as this is really a matter of opinion and not always required. I understand though that you would like the option to be able to display an OLE object in icon form (i.e., a link) rather than as an embedded object. It appears this is something of an old issue:

  • fdo#31363, “Insert OLE object” with no Icon, despite the title this bug outlines a related platform-specific dialog issue whereby icons do not display. It references AOO#111444, which was CLOSED as NOTABUG.
  • fdo#62702, OLE object cannot be inserted as an executable Icon, again the title is somewhat misleading as the icon would be a link rather than an executable, but this is the related bug for your query.