How change page numbering for appendix?

At the end of my text doc there is a short appendix. I want to discontinue the doc page numbering in the header and number the appendix pages A-1, A-2, etc. So far, everything I’ve tried to change the style in order to begin a new header has either had no effect, deleted headers from the entire doc, or replaced headers for the whole doc with the new header. From comments and questions I’ve viewed online, this seems to be a common problem. It would be OK if I could just eliminate headers from only the appendix and manually enter a pseudo header as the first line on each appendix page (it’s only a few pages). It seems like it should be such an easy thing to switch styles at and specified point in a doc, but apparently not. I’m using version and reluctant to upgrade as that usually means trading knon problems for unknown ones.

Read this tutorial and this tutorial.

The structure of your document is reflected by page styles. Page styles not only define paper size, orientation, margins, columns, background, … but also own header and footer. This is why I say they are an indication of doc structure.

Consequently, you need one page style per logical part of your document. (A smarter approach is possible for groups of semantically related parts to use a single “dynamic” page style for all parts in a group, such as chapters, but you need first to practice on simple cases.)

From you description, I assume you have only one page style all over your document, i.e. Default Style.

To display page styles, make the style side pane visible (F11) and click on the fourth icon from the left in the style toolbar.

First Page is intended for the cover page. It will automatically switch to Default Style at end of first page. Default Page is the page style for running page in the document.

  • Create an Appendix page style wit a right-click and New. Fill-in the properties as you need, enabling the header and/or footer.

  • Put the cursor at the very beginning of your appendix.

  • Insert>More Breaks>Manual Break (don’t use Ctrl+Enter because you must give special properties to the page break)

  • Select Appendix from the Style drop-down menu to change page style after the break; if needed, force a page number restart.

Now, your appendix is laid out independently from the rest of the document. You can type your header and footer and it will not spill over to the chapters.

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Great! Thanks much, Alittoz. The novel (my doc) already had 3 styles: first page, preliminaries (description, legal, TOC, etc.), and body. I borrowed the format from another novel but that one didn’t have an appendix. Thanks again. Regards, Alex