How could I compress images in Writer

As does Word 2003, I want to compress all the images of a doc file to get a file less heavy.

Accepted answer is deprecated. Like in SO questions should not be closed when there is an accepted answer. I answered on SuperUser.

ODT (and in general, ODF files) are already a compressed archive. If you rename any file to .ZIP you will be able to examine it using any archiving utility.

I didn’t imply to manually rename each ODF file, open the archive and re-compress it, rename again, that a bit unpractical.

If you’d want this to be supported while sticking with the .doc format, I’d suggest filing a bug report, requesting such feature (“Compress image data when using .DOC format”. Make sureyou include example files (w/o confidential information) to support your use case.

However, it seems if you use the ODF format (not .DOC), LibreOffice will attempt to compress, make sure the option under Tools > Options > Load/Save > General > Default file format and ODF settings > Size optimization for ODF format is checked.

If the option I described in LibreOffice (under the Options menu) doesn’t achieve this, I would also suggest to file a bug report.

If you have many files you’d like to do this with, you could experiment with command line. This entry at StackOverflow describes how to do so:

If you do end up fileing a bug report, please come back here, edit your question and make a reference to it.

More on the subject:

It’s a way to do it, but it take too much time. As I answered to babylon558, I will wait for this feature…

But my Libre Office doesn’t have a check box for Size optimization for ODF format. Was that option removed or moved somewhere else?

The option was removed on bug 54812. Not sure why