How could LO Writer spontaneously change the paper size of a document?

I had 4 documents open in LO Writer that I was editing over a 24 hour period. One of the document windows froze (or became corrupted). I closed all instances of Writer and rebooted my laptop (Windows 10 Home). When I reopened the file I noticed the cover page had changed. I saw that the [page size was different. Checking Page Style showed that the page size had changed from Letter to B4.

I cannot imagine there was anything I did to cause this, but how could this happen? Is this a possible bug?

After a crash/freeze and forced reboot, expect anything. You must thoroughly check open files (at tile of reboot) for integrity, even not modified ones.

Thanks, makes sense …so no need to file a bug report, though why the Writer file window froze remains a mystery.

A bug report is useful when the problem is deterministic (or approximately) and reproducible. If you happen to experience a systematic freeze, note down the steps leading to the freeze and fill-in a bug report.

If the freeze is a singled out event, it is unfortunate but you can’t deduce anything: the causes are too diverse from a bit error (leading to an invalid pointer or instruction) to an OS bug or a data-induced “glitch” in LO.