How could we create a drop down list in Base (not in forms)?

I would like to know how may I create a drop down list in Base, in such a way I can see a list of values I’ve added (like for example Gender, Male, Female) without having to type those values. I want to know how may I do this, but not in a form, I know you can do this in a form, no, what I need to know is how may I have this drop down list in a table from Base.

I want the same as you can see in this video for Access 2010…

Is this possible in Base?

No, it is not possible in Base when viewing a table thru the standard sheet layout.

It is however very easy when using a form and, in that form, a table control.


In Access this is possible, sometimes, people don’t want to deal with forms, just entering data thru the tables, so I would like to suggest this feature, where may I submit a feature request?