How do arrow styles work?

In Calc, the Drawing Object Properties toolbar contains arrow styles. It looks like I can’t use arrow styles to create arrows but I can sometimes get them to change arrows created from the Drawing toolbar. However, they often don’t seem to change the arrow at all.

How are arrow styles supposed to work?

In Calc (Spreadsheet) to add arrows to your spreadsheet click on the menubar > insert > shape > arrows then you can choose between up, down, left, right, and many other options that you can resize and format to your heart’s content. Hope it helps.

Thank you. However, I am not asking how to add arrows to a spreadsheet. I am asking how arrow styles are supposed to work.

Arrow styles are object properties pertaining to line objects, not to shapes. Block arrows are shapes in this context (as also indicated by the reply from HerCorns), and as such will not change appearance when you apply an arrow style.

There is a yellow handle on block arrows, which can be used to adjust width and head size (and the curve of rounded arrows). This does much of the same for block arrows that arrow styles do for line objects.

Thank you. Indeed I refer to an object from the “Block Arrows” toolbar in LO 6.3, precisely an arrow which has a 90 degrees bend “Corner right arrow”. I would like to change the thickness.

Unlike straight arrows, curved arrows and other arrows in the “Block Arrows” toolbar, for which I can find the yellow handle, for the “Corner right arrow” I cannot get the yellow handle, nor change the thickness of the arrow.

Do you know how to make the yellow handle appear? Or other ways to change the arrow’s thicknes?

Do you know how to make the yellow handle appear? Or other ways to change the arrow’s thicknes?

The adjusting handle is only available for the simplest shapes, it seems. The only way I can see to change that angled arrow is by making it in Draw, convert to polygon and move point by point.

There are two viable strategies to help you keep a regular shape when you modify a polygon:

  • Select all points on one edge and use the arrow keys to move the entire edge.
  • Use helper “snap lines” that can be dragged out from the rulers.

Thank you.