How do I abandon "automatic replacement of words"?

If I write “r.”, then it becomes a “Registered Trademark R”.
When I white, I want my choice of letters to be precisely MY COICE of letters.
So, how can I eliminate the interference of Libre Office?
The data-programmers are not able to foresee ALL possible endings of any random word - and i any language!

Interesting how a simple question like “please tell me where do I uncheck ToolsAutoCorrect[x] While Typing” may turn into some unrelated considerations and unneeded emotions…

Seems a matter of the times, please no bother me. Developers, people, the world and the universe are obligated to know what I want, and comply with my desires, dot.

In my opinion, a person that describes his actions as ‘I white’ and ‘MY COICE’ should think twice before turning off autocorrection.