How do I access LO help?

I just upgraded to the latest version (V 5.2.1, I believe) on my Windows 10 system. The F1 key used to open the Help window, where I could look for how to solve my problem; now, it takes me to a wiki page which has no link to the Help window. How do I get to the Help window itself?

Download Help for Offline Use in the language of your user interface, link on LO download page.

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Yes, I restarted LO after installing the Help; there was no difference in behavior.

As you are on Win 10 I suppose you installed the 64-bit version. Assuming you have set the UI-language (This is not about the locale!) ‘English (USA)’ (e.g.) the helpfiles extracted from the .msi should be located in
C:\Program Files\LibreOffice 5\help\en-US
Please check and report. Please also check if your active link to LibO and the file associations point to
C:\Program Files\LibreOffice 5\program\soffice.exe
or wrongly to a different install.
The two paths must fit.

Lupp, the help files aren’t located in \help\en-us; that subdirectory doesn’t exist. \help contains only three XSL stylesheets. As far as I can tell, the link to LO is pointing to the specified address; the file types are associated with the specific program (Writer, Calc, Base etc.). Something seems to have gone wrong with the installation of the Help Pack; what’s my next step?

floris v, I downloaded and installed the help pack (as I’d done before), but it made no difference–I still got the wiki page instead of the help window. What do I do now? Note: I’ve alreafy run DISM and sfc while trying to fix another error; both came back clean.

Did you restart LibO after installing the Help? And is the language the same as that of the user interface? Because if the languages don’t match, LibO will go to the Wiki.

Make sure once again that you downloaded the offline help (msi) for exactly the same version and UI language. If it does again not install to the correct folder, use the Win explorer (file browser) to find where the extracted files were placed, and move the complete folder to the correct location. No installation needed, only presence of the files. Do not overwrite / delete the other files.
(If you want to switch between different UI languages you may also install the respective offline help systems. LibO will choose the one matching the current UI language.)
Is there a LibO V5 under ‘C:\Program Files (x86)’ on your system?

It turns out that when you have the 64 bits LibreOffice, you need the 64 bits help file.