How do I add a pull down menu to a cell or column in a spreadsheet?

I have columns for types of packaging and another for weights for packages and would like to select a package type and add the appropriate weight for each package. This is for my workshop inventory of parts and pieces, tools and equipment for insurance purposes.

I think that you want Validity. Create a new spreadsheet with 2 sheets (not entirely necessary but for clean look). In sheet 2, column A make a column of package types, in column B enter the weights.

In Sheet 1, click in cell A2 and in the menu select Data | Validity.... A dialog window will open, go to the tab Criteria and under Allow, select Cell range. Under Source click in the selection box at the right and drag down over your column of package types on sheet 2. On the other tabs enter your help and error handling and OK out.

The weight display in cell B2 can be a simple Vlookup formula, looking up the value selected in A2. If there is going to be a blank there initially, handle the error with an IF statement, example in attached file

Attached file gives example: PackagingWeights.ods

Thanks that works!!!

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