How do I add a second page to a word document?

I need to add a second page to an existing document. Where do I go to “add a page?”
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Where do I go to “add a page?”

There is no such thing, because pages do not exist per se, but are created based on content. You can force a page break using Insert -> Page Break (CTRL+ENTER). If you want a different page style associated with your new page, you need to use Insert -> More Breaks -> Manual Break ..., where you can select the Page Style to be associated with the new page.

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In Writer, you don’t add a page, you add content. When text overflows the current page a new page is allocated.

A shortcut to tell you are done with the currect page and subsequent text should be laid out at the start of a new page is to force a page break with Ctrl+Enter.

There are many tricks which can be done with page breaks if you give them adequate attributes. See Insert>More Breaks>Manual Break.

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