How do I add a sub total to a base report?

I am putting together a report that I want to put a subtotal into.

have used the accumulate function on the field that I want to subtotal, but am not getting the expected results on the report.
I have put the text box with the accumulate function below the detail area on the report, but the results repeat on each row within the grouping, accumulating the values. Have moved the text box/function to the page footer, results are not what I want.

have tried the sum formula on the field, but no results return.

I want to see one sum for the grouping. What am I missing?

appreciate the help! it’s been years since I used a database…

REVISED: I am building a report from a query containing a calculated field. I want to total the calculated field;

The report is grouped on two levels.
level one is ‘building’ (A, B, C,D, M and Z)

level two is ‘aisle’ ( numbered 01 - 18)

I have assigned the ‘items’ (about 150 of them) to an aisle within a building.

I want to find out how many items are in each aisle.

the report is to lay out the information as
building A,
Aisle 1 contains this list of ‘items’, example:
widgets (75),
gadgets (27)
and thingys (15) for a total(number)

building A,
Aisle 2 contains … etc

have the report set up with:
page header (indicate which query the data is coming from)
group1, building header
group 1, aisle header
detail, the ‘items’ this line contains the calculated field from the query, this is the data I want to add up grouped by aisle. when the function [accumulation calculated field] is inserted into the detail area, it just repeats the items.

aisle footer, have tried putting the sum formula in here, that just packs up its bags and won’t even play

aisle footer, have tried putting the function [accumulation calculated field building] gives me not what I want

SOOO have tried putting the function [accumulation calculated aisle] and it returns some really creative math, example, two items with values of 75 and 75 in aisle one returns the function accumulation as 300, not the 150 I expect.

started over, fresh thinking, thanks to your help, I have a report that I wanted! thank you!


It is difficult to say exactly what you problem is because there is nothing to look at and the description does not contain details.

In my answer on this post → Libre Data - multi-level report there is a sample report with sub totals.

In my answer on this post → How to reuse an accumulated value in a Report? is an explanation of how I have done some of the accumulating.

If you have further need of help, please add a sample to your original question (do not use an Answer) and provide details on just what is wanted.

Edit 2020-12-16:

It is easier if you provide a sample Base file as this shows just what is to go where. It also save those of us answering questions on guessing just what data is used and where. That is what was done for this example.

Also note, mentioned accumulation is not needed here. This is just a simple accumulation function.

There are groupings for Buildings and for Aisle. The isle total is places on the Building footer. It is an accumulation of the total field from the query details. The total for all the buildings is an accumulation of all and placed on the report footer. Look at the Data tab for each of these fields for the set-up.

Here is a building total:

Sample ------ TotalsReport.odb

the multi-level report was a great help, got me thinking!

this information was exactly the pieces I was missing, the footers for the building and aisles. started over fresh with a new report and it worked out as I wanted it to. Thank you!