How do I add another layer onto the pyramid graphics

I want to use the following the pyramid diagram from the software gallery and add another 2 or 3 layers to the pyramid.
I have taken it from the Diagram family, pyramid section. There is one pyramid that can be edited to add sections automatically, but I prefer another one which does not allow editing. Thank you I now understand to ungroup them and then add new layers

Edit your question to mention OS name and LO version.

What do you mean “pyramid diagram”? Have you taken it from the Diagrams family, Pyramid-Segment-xxx (named so in my, ) or Pyramid-3d?

These are simply shapes with border and fill colour translated, positioned next to one another and, for some, grouped into sub-elements so that they move together.
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In addition to @ajlittoz, this is the Pyramid-3D from Gallery:

image description