How do I add comments to questions or answers?

I am a top 5% user on SE network but when I created an account on I discovered that I cannot even add comments or vote.

The site is full of low quality questions so how am I supposed to contribute?!

Note: do not suggest adding answers, as probably I cannot answer most of them, still rephrasing them or asking the author to refine them should be possible and also welcome.

Something is clearly broken here, I can add a comment to my own question but not to an answer. The FAQ does not say how do you get poins. Also the FAQ is not mentioned in the Help page. My impression is that there is no way to increase your own reputation from your actions!

Which means that, the motivational system is already collapsed because considering the amount of users, it is impossible for the new users to get enough reputation to be able to contribute properly.

10 points for your motivation… :wink:

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