How do I add own template styles to tables?

I can add my own styles in texts but it doesn`t seem to be able to add own styles to tables nor to add one. When I rightclick one table style I can only select “Hide”.

How do I add my own table styles?

You can’t.

Table “styles” are not styles in the usual Writer sense. They are in fact some internal macro calls which “manually” build the table as you would do it with menu, mouse and keyboard.

Consider they are templates for “considered-frequent-case” table formats. In my opinion they are rather demonstrations about what could be done. Personally I don’t use them as they don’t fit 100% my needs and require too much manual post-formatting.

If they were “traditional” styles, you would be able to reformat all your tables changing only style parameters. Whic you can’t do presently.

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I wrote a manual a coupe of years ago and created a table style for it. I can see it in Styles and Formatting when I open the manual and if I load styles from that manual I can use that style to change a table in another document. But, as ajlittoz says, you can’t change the style to update the tables. Nevertheless I found it useful and quick.

Format a table as you would like it to appear. Click Table>>AutoFormat Styles… in the dialog box click Add and give it a name. (In the picture below from ebot I guess that is the button “Hinzufügen”). Thereafter in the document you can just double click on the style to apply it to the table you have selected.

You are right. I forgot this possibility because table “styles” don’t behave as ordinary styles, i.e. they don’t apply a format but create a new table, which is not what I’m looking for.

May I ask please, if you do not use the table styles, what do you use to create tables with consistent styles?

The answer is two-fold:

  • table skeleton: this relates to spacing around the table, text flow, columns, borders and background, in other word everything you find in Table>Properties
    I found no other means than copying and pasting a previous table
  • table contents
    This is easy, use specific paragraph styles

The problem with present table “styles” is they are macros which operate in the direct formatting layer, thus hiding and wiping out what you could have set in the paragraph and character style layers.


Do you mean the AutoFormat function?

Select a desired cell range and select Format>AutoFormat in the menu.
You can choose from a list of different formats.

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