How do I add tags to a question or an answer?

I’d like to add additional tags to questions (or an answer), but I don’t know how to do so.

Do I need 750+ karma before I can add these tags?

(I noticed that there are badges for tagging, so I’m hopeful that non-admin users can tag items that they didn’t create)

for retagging, “only” 500 karma points are required… :expressionless:

Well at least it’s not infinity - 1. :stuck_out_tongue:

voting up, so you get some more karma :-))

But seriously: If you volunteer for doing moderator-style tasks, drop a mail to the website list.

thanks @cloph. I sent a few emails to the website list re: bugs and website outages a while ago, but perhaps those got dropped because I wasn’t subscribed (I’m already on so many lists :slight_smile: I’ll finish up my tinbuild2 and cppunit hacking, clear my board, and then perhaps subscribe to the list.

( @tohuwawohu said it first, but I can’t select a comment as the right answer! :slight_smile:

Per the site FAQ, one must have at least 500 points of karma to “retag other’s questions”.