How do I alter the number of columns in the color palette?

I’m not sure exactly what it’s called, table, chart, palette, etc. but mine( for win7) seems to be stuck with only 8 columns, while the palettes I wish to use were all made for 10 columns, making the colors somewhat out of order.
Even a script file I could edit would be nice, I can’t find anything including display settings that seems to modify this.

In case the image doesn’t display: it is the drop down color palette you get when you click on the font color or background color icons in the toolbar. Mine has 8 columns the one pictured has ten.

That was a change made in… 3.4 I think. The color palette with 10 columns was some kind of “bug”, because it was ordered for 8 column palette. Look at the image you have attached: the colors appear without order, but with 8 columns, red appear bellow dark red, dark blue appear bellow blue, etc… and then you have 8 grey tones, 8 red tones, 8 magenta tones, etc…

Modifying it? Well… You may have to download the sourcecode, change that definition, and recompile LibO entirely I guess… or download and install LibO 3.3.X.

And I don’k know if OpenOffice has change this… maybe it’s another option.


Details of the change are available in bug fdo#34896.

I was hoping it would be simple script file modification or a menu option that I failed to see. I will modify my palette script for 8 columns, instead of altering source and compiling.
The stock palette is not designed for 8 columns either.