How do I apply a macro to a .odp file?

I have a recurring problem that turns the layer attribute of my Impress slide collections to blank - no editing is possible. There are others with this problem and a macro has been written to comb through my damaged file and switch the slide from invisible to visible - but I am not too sure that the busy young folks working at this will have time to bother with an old codger like me to explain how I should take this macro and turn it loose on the file in question!!

I’m sure for many of you this will be a piece of cake, so give me a hint!

Dave Lea - Fish Creek, WI

You do not give people any time to do something. Before posting this, it was noted in a comment here that the answer will be forthcoming. As quickly as I could, put together an extension and step-by-step instructions here - Slides are not showing up in Edit screen!.

Just finishing that I now see you looking for help in entering macros. Please give us a least a little time to answer your original questions. And if you have a problem, ask under that question. Some answers do take time.

If you need further information on macros and the LO library structure, see the LO documentation found at this link.