How do I apply character styles to index entries?

Hi there,

I am trying to format my index…
I would like to change the way it looks, altering the fonts, but I can only manage Heading 1. Heading 2 and 3 remain the same. For example I would like to get heading three in Italics.
I am using “Apply character style” from Entries. but it doesn’t seem to work.
I have selected the right level (1, 2 or 3), but, as I said, only the first one works.

I have read what the manual says about “Applying character styles”, but no joy… again, it works only for “Headline 1”

Do I have to do it by hand?

Also, how do I space the entries vertically? I mean, I would like to leave a bigger space before the next Heading 1, but I can only do it by hand…


Any ideas?

The elements of the index have distinct paragraph styles, which can be accessed via the Styles and Formatting window. Logically, it is advisable to edit the properties of the paragraph styles instead of applying character styles “above” the formatting that the paragraph already has by virtue of its paragraph style. Inter-paragraph spacing is controlled in the paragraph style, not the character style.

I am afraid you lost me here :slight_smile:
Where is the Styles and Formatting window? I have been trying with
Edit index/Entries/clicked on “E”/then tried something in the “Character style” drop down menu, but doesn’t work…

I mean to say that modifying the appearance of entries and headings is not done in the index menu. In the index menu, you can select which styles apply to which entries or headings. In order to modify the styles themselves, you must select them from the Format > Styles and Formatting menu.