How do I attach a custom dictionary to a LibreOffice document?

Hey Folks,

I write SF/F novels and end up creating a custom dictionary for each book. I’ve recently started working in DropBox and have realized the custom dictionary is not there. I.E. if I switch computers (which I do quite often) the dictionary is gone and I’m looking at pages of red squiggly lines. I’m guessing this means the dictionary is stored on the computer rather than on DropBox.

Is there some way to attach the dictionary to the file so they get saved on DropBox together, or is there a way to save the dictionary to DropBox that LibreOffice will still see?

Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers!

@floris_v gave you a “global” solution, but you can be more selective.

At a minimum, you need only copy your dictionary. This will keep the other differences that exist in the user profiles on the computers.

You can get the location of the present dictionaries by looking at ToolsOptions, LibreOfficePaths. Item Dictionaries is the information you need. Copy your dictionaries from this location to you dropbox.

Next, modify the dictionary candidate locations by selecting the Dictionaries item and pushing the Edit button. In the new dialog, add the directory corresponding to your dropbox and make it the default so that it is searched first before the other default location.

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Excellent! This is perfect. Many thanks!

You probably can’t directly link the files the way you wish. The good news is that the dictionary files are stored in the user profile. You copy those files to any other location.