how do I "automate" form filling and document creation

In ancient times, that other suite of office software had features that would enable
— create a macro record of a document creation and edit process
— save the macro into a document template
— replay the macro when “New Document” selected using that template
that other office suite used a dialect of Basic for macro programming.

So far, I cannot find similar features within LibreOffice Writer. The ability to record a live document creation and editing session was extremely useful.

I’m running LibreOffice v4.0.2.2 on my Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon workstation.
I will update to Linux Mint 17.x shortly.


Did you get a solution? I am interrested to the same function. I have a data source (DB) with adresses. I want to create for each address an pre-filled calc and writer “formulla” new file.