How do I break out of a section back into the document?

I created a section of two columns for a page. Now that I’ve finished typing in that section I can’t seem to click below it to continue in the normal document. Inserting page breaks only extends the section, not ends it. How do I escape the section back into the document and keep writing as normal?

There should be a paragraph created after the section when you inserted it. It doesn’t matter, Alt+Enter will get you out of the section to a line after it. Cheers, Al

I should have added that you need to be at the end of the text to create a line after the section. If you do it at the beginning of the section, it will create a paragraph before the section.

BTW it is a handy way to put a paragraph above a table at the beginning of document, click before any text in the first cell and then press Alt+Enter

In 2023 I’m using LibreOffice, and Alt+Enter doesn’t work for me. It was a mistake to create a new document only with sections (I should had added text before and after the earliest section).

The only solution was to create a new section and delete (remove) that. This allowed me to enter the standard mode.

I would add that copying a two-column section to a new document seems not possible (I tried that as well) - sadly, formatting is broken.

Is this a new question or a supposed alternate solution to the initial question? If Alt+Enter does not work for you, you’re perhaps under MacOS. When complaining, always mention OS name, LO version (done) and save format.

No, this is not a new question, as you can judge by the absence of question marks in that.
Yes, it is a supposed alternate solution (you may actually read it to see that).
I always thought that LibreOffice is a cross-platform tool. I’m using Arch Linux (done. If you are from the site administration, always use suggestions like “write your OS, write your LO version”).
When complaining, I usually use bug trackers. Thank you for your concern.

Yep, but there are small differences between platforms to take into account GUI/design variations. As an example, Ctrl is used under Linux and Windows and under MacOS. Also menu organisation is different. This is why OS name is important.

Sections can be managed with a right-click on it and Edit Section or a right-click on the name in the Navigator and Edit. Then you press Remove to eliminate it (your text is preserved).

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yes, many thanks for your suggestions. This is actually what I’ve done :slight_smile: I wanted to share that solution, that’s why I wrote my answer.