how do I carry files over from my old laptop with libre

I have a new laptop and I’ve installed Libr on it.
My old laptop also has Libre on it.
I can’t see or find any of my files from the other Libre account on my old laptop.
So, I don’t know how to access my files and papers on my new laptop.

I thought this would be like my emails. I just load it, log in and everything is there, but that’s not the case and I really need to know how to access my Libre account from my old laptop, on my new laptop.


A couple of points. There is no “Libre account” and LibreOffice has nothing to do with this problem. You don’t say which Operating System you are using but I will assume it is M-S Windows. Your private documents are probably stored in a folder called “My Documents” and you need to copy all the contents of that folder onto a thumb drive or other portable storage device, and then copy them to the same folder on your new computer. The store where you bought your new laptop could help with this, as a service).

Your files only show up in LibreOffice because it keeps track of where your documents are stored, as a convenience. But LibreOffice doesn’t control that storage. To access these documents for the first time on your new computer, use your Operating System’s file manager, or search for them with LibreOffice (menu File → Open).

Your e-mails are different because they are stored, literally, on someone else’s computer (“cloud”). That is why you can access them from anywhere.

Hi Liquidsunshine

This is the location of your user profile:

That single location contains all of your personal setup, etc., and copying that across to the new laptop - or, better, just copying across specific files after installing the new LO - will do what you want. The link above also details the very many different files contained within the profile; copy the least that you can get away with.

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