How do I change a date's min/max values in Base field validation?

Libre Office version Windows 8.1
I have a MS Access 2003 database provided from another PC. It is a database of youth rugby players. One of the tables has a validation on a date field: the date must be greater than a value and less than another value. This is to ensure the player is old enough to play rugby, and is not too old to play youth rugby.
The validation set at the table’s field is for last season, so now needs to be updated for this season for new players to be added. I can’t see a validation when I right click the table name and choose Edit, so I don’t know how to change the validation.
Any assistance gratefully received.
Regards, Charles


I don’t know how you can set min or max in the table but you can try adjust the form you are using to fill in informations for that specific table. In that form you can choose the date field and in the general properties tab you can set the minimum and maximum date you want.

Something similar you can find here.

Hello Ratrace, thanks for your speedy response.
I’m not using a form to enter data as the forms that did exist on the MS Access db were not “converted” over to LO. In fact there were no queries either as the MS queries had been “converted” in to table views.
I’ve been adding new players straight in to the table. I’ll see if I can work out how to create a form and try your idea.
regards, Charles