How do I change a doc to the one-column style

I was working in Writer and I set my text in two columns using Format > Columns, and after quitting the doc and reopening it the program started considering the two columns pages, so I cannot return to the one-column style because the ‘one column’ option is unavailable in Format > Columns, and the ‘two columns’ option divides each column in two, making it four of them. How can I return it to the normal way?

UPD: LibreOffice Writer v5.3.3.2 x64 for Win10. The whole document is two-columned

Aaand omg it worked! Thanks a lot @ajlittoz, seems like I’m still too new to LO, I would never think about duplicated sections in different menus.

The “anomaly” is rather Format>Columns because this is a property of page style or section definition. The “direct” menu item should be considered as a shortcut to page style property.

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Works here. But I may have a different LO version. Which is yours? which OS?

In case you can’t do it through Format>Columns, try to do it through Format>Page, Columns tab.

If it still does not work, how’s your document structured? Does it contain 1-column and 2-column fragments? Have you inserted sections?

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