How Do I Change A Libre Calc Template Value From £ to $?

I want to use this 3 page template for creating a budget but it is not setup for $. How do I simply change it from £ to $?

Thank you

It is a bizarre template, maybe because it has been saved from Excel. Language is English USA but everything in £, and not currency but special format. I see the problem, many of the totals won’t change to $ by just changing the format. It might be the remnant of conditional formatting in Excel. Copying the formula in the address bar (press Esc or Enter), deleting the cell (sometimes press twice to delete) then pasting the formula back in works. Sometimes, deleting doesn’t work and dragging down from the cell above overwrites the sticky format. Maybe someone cleverer than me knows a quicker way,

When everything is changed to $ and to your language, save it as template or you will have the same trouble in future.

hello @ crevice,

plenty of options, depends on your ‘locale’, ‘language’ and ‘default currency’ settings [tools - options - language], note down what you change to have possibility to revert,

direct solution without experimenting: [ctrl-1 - numbers tab], edit the formatting description in the bottom line from £ to $, both or all three appearances, they are for ‘+’, ‘-’ and ‘0’ values, it creates an additional format which you can apply to other cell by clicking …

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OK, I think I’ve fixed everything. I selected all of the cells and set the currency but it still did not change the appearance of all cells. I’m not sure why but when I simply placed a number in the cell then went to a new cell it changed to $.

Anyway here are links to that monthly budget template corrected and
to an annual budget template that has the same type appearance that I will be using as well.

Slight corrections made to monthly.

slight changes

it’s a very old issue with calc cells, values and formatting,
intentionally - as wrong as i like it, but it’s heavily defended by the developers - some formatting changes, e.g. from text to number and v/v, are NOT! evaluated when you apply the formatting, but when you key in the next input,
it’s producing lot’s of problems for plenty people, but it’s ‘calc-style’,
‘idea’ is to keep user ‘save’ against unwanted changes, problem is that theese unwanted changes appear later when nobody understands why and undo is far away, the program is ‘not obeying’ what the user wants, and it’s quite difficult to correct bigger amounts of data …
if you share my doubts that this makes sense … try to convince @mikekaganski:wink:
happy hacking …