How do I change default row height for new sheets in Calc?


This has been driving me crazy for probably two hours now. I cannot find an answer that solves this problem for me. I have made changes and saved them to a template, then set that to be default. These are font, font size, etc, and row height. When I make a new spreadsheet Sheet1 has all of the settings from my template as expected.

However, when I click the button to add a new sheet everything except the row height seems to be correct. Font and font size are fine, but my row height is back to the default before I made my changes.

Here is a screenshot of Sheet1, and Sheet2. As you can see, Sheet2 and all afterwards have the initial value of 0.45.

Any help is appreciated :frowning:

Font and font size you could change for the ‘Default’ cell style which is saved as an item with the template. The row height you can only set for the actual sheet as there is nothing like a sheet style or a row style. Ergo.
To better understand my reasoning:
-1- Set row height = 1cm for the complete sheet.
-2- Delete rows 1 through 5.
-3- Go to the very last (bottom) row.

Keep an extra sheet in reserve in the template and in documents created from it as well. Create additional sheets using this extra sheet as an “instantiated template” by SheetTabContextMenu > Move or Copy Sheet... > Copy. This allows for much more detailed settings than a changed default RowHeight.

What I ended up doing was, every time I add a new sheet, first using CTRL-A to select the entire sheet, then changing the row height. I agree with the original poster that this is a very annoying situation, and I wish the template settings would take care of it. In my case, even changing the default font didn’t affect the row height so I had rows crammed against each other.