How do I change the default font for envelopes?

argh! how do I change the default font for envelopes?


Envelopes use Addressee and Sender paragraph styles. So the answer is:

  • Create a new document
  • Set the styles as needed
  • File Templates Save as Template
  • File Templates Manage, select the new template and click in the toolbar Set as Default

New envelopes apply the new format…

In the same menu, click the Action button, to return to the default template if necessary.


Followed instructions carefully. Opened new document and inserted envelope. Get Liberation Serif (the UNWANTED font) as always. NO CHANGE. While I was at it, I changed the default document font and saved that to default template as well. NO CHANGE. Libre Office on Windows 10 Home. Before these changes this was a new installation onto a new computer. Getting quite frustrated. Helpful advice would be really nice about now.


Did you modify the Addressee and Sender styles? Because if you don’t, you get the unwanted font. It doesn’t help to change the Default style if the envelope styles have a different font set than was set in the Default style.

Changed the Addressee and Sender Styles, Clicked on Update Styles, Changed the Font Name and Size, Screen shows the desired values, Clicked on Print, Screamed loudly when the (expected) WRONG ANSWER appeared AS USUAL!!! (Note that is “in addition to” the instructions I followed from the original information!!!