How do I change the default font in LO Draw on Mac?

I want ALL future documents to ALWAYS have Times New Roman 12 instead of Liberation Sans 18. I want this font to be what is in an object when I press to label it. I’ve read and read and read, but the solutions DO NOT WORK.

  • doesn’t behave like others expect.

  • The panels and menus that I’m supposed to look for aren’t what the solutions say I’m supposed to see.

  • This is for a MAC computer, from APPLE, not a pc. If it matters, a MacBook Pro 2015, Mojave 10.14.5

  • This is for LO, currently.

I’ve tried to make the template and select it to be the default, but what I’m supposed to see in the menus just isn’t there. I can’t select “make default” because it’s not there.
It’s so frustrating to try to do the right thing and research how to do something but find that all the solutions say the same thing and that it doesn’t apply.

To be super clear, I don’t want to change things in one document only. I want every new Draw document to have TNR 12 in everything I type unless I change it.

Works fine on my Xubuntu box with

In the Styles panel (F11), you should be able to right click the Default Drawing Style, then change the font in the Font tab.

Then menu File > Templates > Save as template. Give it a name and check the option at the bottom of the dialog Set as default template.

If you’ve already made the template, then in File > Templates > Manage Templates, make sure yours has the green check mark telling it is the default one. If so, Edit it and check that the font configuration is as you want.

No big difference with a Mac I think.

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F11 doesn’t do that. When I click +, it opens the window for the system sound. If I try +, it mutes the sound. + clears all windows away. So the answer has to specific to Mac.

Then menu View > Styles.

The hotkey functions of the LibreOffice would be different depended on the operating system and/or the locale settings. Try them, or use the Menu or the Side Bar.