How do I change the default font size for a bulleted list?

I use a bullet list often and usually start it by typing “-” character, a space, and the list item and enter, which starts a list headed by “-” character automatically.

The problem is that the size of the leading bullet character seems to be always defaulted to size 12 or something like that. When I change the size of the whole list, for example to 9, and then save and close the document, when I reopen the document the size of the leading character, and hence the whole list spacing, is changed to a bigger size.

Is there a way to preserve the change in the list font size (for the numbering character) when I save the document so that the next time I open it, I don’t have to re-change the list font size? The text size is preserved to whatever I changed it to before saving but the size of the leading character seems to be not saved. What ends up happening is that the changed spacing between list items is not preserved after save.

I am saving everything in .docx by the way. ODT format does keep the change, but I need to have the format in .docx.

Is there a way to do this in .docx format? Or at least change the default list leading character size to 9 (since that’s the size I use the most)?

I am using Libreoffice Writer (English) in Windows 8.1