How do I change the default image anchoring to "as character"?

I have looked in the styles menu under Frame and Graphic but I do not see this option anywhere.

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A popular topic since OOo 1.1 :wink:

Some links:

→ OOo Bug 14008 - Allow anchor settings in frame styles (graphic-styles) [2003-05-02]

→ OOo Bug 19814 - default anchor type: toolbar icon to select anchor type of newly to be inserted objects [2003-09-19]

→ Bug 32484 - Allow anchor settings in frame styles [2010-12-17]

→ Bug 36535 - Formatting and stylist frame [2011-04-23]

→ Unable to save Anchor as Character as default style Build 3.5.42 [LibreOffice Users, 2012-07-03]

→ image anchoring [LibreOffice Users, 2012-10-21]

Presetting the anchorage - as of version 7.1

The anchoring for inserting images can be preset from LibreOffice version 7.1.

Select Tools>Options>LibreOffice Writer>Formatting Aids from the menu.

For Image/Anchor you can select: To Pragraph, To Character or As Character.