How do I change the default page size to A4?

I understand how to create a new style with A4 size paper (or other changes). But I do not see a way to make this new style my default. I live in a place where standard paper is A4. It is a huge nuisance to have to go into Styles and change the paper size for every single document. Surely there is a way to change the default, please inform me!

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What UserInterface and what locale did you set (Tools > Options > Language > Language Settings)?
Next to every locale except English (USA) should create new documents from a default template set to A4 ‘Portrait’ as the standard paper size and orientation.
If the problem persists after setting suitable UI and locale, inspect you default templates and change the paper size there:
Startscreen > Templates > Manage Look for templates marked with a checkmark as default.

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When I do this, my default language is Hebrew even though my user interface language is English. With the default language Hebrew, the default is for text to run right to left. Having selected a location in Asia, the possible default languages do not include English. Does no programmer who works on this understand that there are plenty of English-speakers who use LibreOffice for their English documents living in Asia? Why can’t English(USA) be a default language in Asia?

  1. Create a new template with the desired page styles (and other styles).
  2. Make it default.
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You idiot, if I understood how to create a new template and make it a default I wouldn’t have asked.

Just behave! If you are too dull to rtfm or at least to ask the relevant question in a proper way, it’s up to you to learn the human basics first.


To change the page size of the document that is created when you create a new Writer document:

  1. Create a new document (which uses the current default template)
  2. Change the page size to whatever desired (Format > Page Style > Page > Format)
  3. Click “OK” (to confirm the changes)
  4. In the main menu bar: File > Templates > Save as Template
  5. Enter a template name.
  6. Choose a template category, such as My Templates.
  7. Ensure the “Set as default template” checkbox is checked.
  8. Click “Save”
  9. Close this template document window.
  10. Create a new document; it should be of the page size that you specified.
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