How do I change the default style of apostrophes and quotation marks (Writer)?

The default style at installation is German, which would be OK except for apostrophes and quotation marks. Can I switch to an American English default?

Please check menu Tool > AutoCorrect > Localized Options


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If you mean you write documents preferentially in English on a German installation, go to Tools>Options, Language Settings>Languages. There, you find a Western menu under Default Languages for Documents and select English (USA).

This change will patch Default Style paragraph style and then propagate to all other paragraph styles.

en_US is always present in any localisation of LO Writer. If you need other national variants for English or other languages, you must install them from a language pack. Procedure to do so depends on the OS.

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Thank you for this answer. I had a problem with “low” leading quotation marks which was solved by changing the language in this fashion.