How do I change the template for downloading spreadsheets?

When I download a spreadsheet from a bank or credit card site, the first column is always too narrow. Not a big problem, but I wish to fix it.

I download a spreadsheet from a bank or credit card site

What could you do, if the spreadsheet you have downloaded, has that already too narrow? Or are you in fact taking about “importing downloaded csv data into my spreadsheet” (which could be solved by your own default template)?

Thanks for answering. You are correct. I was confused-not the first time. I am importing csv data into my spreadsheet. I had just been trying to change my default template, and the problem remained. It finally occurred to me to restart Libre Office and then it worked as wished.

Is there a place on this page to mark the question as answered?

If you really get a spreadsheet only your bank can change the template, but you could register the new spreadsheet as data-source and import the content in a Calc-table of your own design.

If you get csv-data, my approach would be one table only for importing and reference this in the work-Table like in work.A1=IF(import.A1<>"";import.A1;"")


Thanks for your help. In my comment to Opaque’s answer, you can see I’m far from competent in Libre Office.