How do I change the user interface in Libreoffice 7.1 after the first startup?

Hi, I would like to try multiple user interfaces, but after the pri mo startup (where it gives you the option), I haven’t found where you can remodify. Thanks!

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Have a look in the menu: View>User Interface

If View>User Interface is not in the menu, go to Tools>Customize. In the Menus tab, select Category All Commands and Target View.

In Available commands, select User Interface and press the bold right-pointing arrow to insert it into the View menu. The item should be located before Toolbars. So, use the vertical arrows to position it.

Note that it is somewhat difficult to exit from the various tabbed interface. The “exit” menu is at the far right under a small non-intuitive icon button.

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Thanks so much! I was having difficulty because I installed libreoffice 7.1 on both windows 10 and linux mint 20.1 and the option is found in different places also depending on the chosen UI.
Everything ok now!

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