How do I close a Libreoffice spreadsheet session without it it asking to save changes, when no changes were made?

Now using a newer version of Libreoffice (6.073), if I open several spreadsheets just to look at the contents (not too change them) when I want to close all of the sheets, it asks me (nags me) one after another after another for each spreadsheet if I want to save the changes (none made). How do i stop this time wasting behavior?

Possible reasons:
‘Printing sets “document modified” staus’ enabled and document was printed.
Links to external files were updated.
Surely some I didn’t think of yet…

and finally a corrupted user profile.

Also, there’s a bug - tdf#31231 - about charts in spreadsheets setting “modified” state on opening…

Not sure why it is doing this. I just go ahead and click on Save when this happens. If nothing was changed then it won’t affect your spreadsheets.