How do I close a new document?

I am a new user to Libre. I created a new document, but I cannot close it. The “save it as” feature does not work. I’m stuck: frozen. What do I do?

What do I do?

Nobody will be able to tell what to do, if you don’t provide a minimum of technical information. Please read Ask/Getting Started (esp. the part dealing with Key Detail)

And if I understand the details, the question is not about “How do I close” but “Saving a document does not work”, which is a quite different thing.

BTW: The official name of the software is LibreOffice

As you did not tell us what platform you are running on I’ll point you to a possible solution for mac users, How can I 'Save As' or 'Save Copy' with the latest version of LibreOffice running on macOS Catalina?

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