How do I compile a 6000 line sales record into a brief product report in Calc?

I need advice on the use of LibreOffice calc.

I have a year end report of all of my individual online sales for the past year; individual rows for each sale. Cells containing the name of the product sold, number of units sold, and amount paid by the buyer.

There are over 6000 rows (sales), and there are over 1900 different products.

What I want to do is consolidate the rows into a single row for each different product by name, so that there is a cell with the product name, a cell with the total number of units sold, and a row with the sum total paid for all units sold.

I am self taught in the use of spreadsheets, and the simple solution to this problem is not apparent to me. I could sort my product name and add up the totals for each different product, but that could take me days, and I know that there has to be an easier way.

Can anyone help?

This should be a typical case for the PivotTable tool.
See the attached example.